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Not too big, not too small, Missouri State University offers myriad academic and social options in an "open, welcoming environment." Catering to a diverse student population, the school offers a "variety of majors," from speech-language pathology to interior design, as well as "a wide range of relevant courses" across academic departments. Similarly, there are a "huge variety" on the teaching staff, with professors that range from "fabulous and very enthusiastic" to "boring" and monotone. While some professors "love to lecture," "Others believe that student involvement is key." No matter what their approach to teaching, "Professors genuinely care and want to help students learn, make the grade, and actually retain course information." There is an emphasis on "the development of critical thinking in all subjects," "not just overloading students with a bunch of useless information." In most majors, academics are moderately challenging: "not too hard, but definitely not easy." To help ensure student success, there are "learning centers and tutoring opportunities if you're struggling with a specific professor or class." Students also point out that the school's educational mission goes beyond standard academics, with a focus on "community involvement, ethical leadership, and cultural competence." All things considered, the school is an excellence investment. With a "far lower tuition" than you'd find at most four-year colleges, MSU "represents a great union between value and quality education."

Student Body

On the diverse MSU campus, you'll meet a mix of "small-town kids, hard-partying slackers, serious students, and kids mostly here for Greek Life." No matter where you fall on the spectrum, MSU students are noted for their friendly, "Midwestern hospitality," and the campus is welcoming to "people from different ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, [and] different sexual orientations." On the whole, "Students here care about their education" and are proud to study at MSU. During the weekdays, most students are usually "wearing a bear-wear shirt and sweats, carrying a coffee, and scurrying to class." While the typical student comes to MSU "straight out of high school" in Missouri, there is a growing population of older nontraditional students, as well as "many students from our sister campus in China," who all "fit in easily." A current undergrad tells us, "I am a nontraditional student, but I get along well with students of all ages."

Campus Life

It's easy for anyone to get involved in campus life at MSU. At this bustling university, students are involved in "social organizations and professional business groups," Greek life, sports teams, religious organizations, and "outdoor activities." Many love living on campus, saying, "The dorms are also a cool place to hang out at night" and a great way to make friends. What's more, "With new construction of the Recreation Center underway, and our brand new basketball arena, many exciting things are happening on campus." Both commuters and campus residents say, "It's easy to meet people," and "Almost everyone has a group of friends that they hang out with on a regular basis." MSU's campus is "within walking distance of downtown Springfield," a nice college town with "a plethora of shops, restaurants, and leisure activities." Come the weekend, many students "go to house parties or to clubs or bars downtown." "Others stay in and watch movies with friends" or "listen to music and surf the Internet." When they want to get hyped up, students say, "MSU Bears Basketball is a great way to spend an evening," while "The Student Activities Council constantly provides fun, creative activities for students," like "free ice skating, free hockey game nights, and free movie nights."

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Campus Visits Contact

Sean Kliethermes
Asst. Dir. of Admissions-Info. Services Coord.

Office of Admissions
901 South National
Springfield, MO 65804


Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Plaster Student Union
Meyer Library
Baker Bookstore
Hammons Fountains
Plaster Sports Complex

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Bass Pro Shops
American National Fish and Wildlife Museum
Battlefield Mall
Jordan Valley Ice Park
The Ozarks
The new Hammons Field (baseball stadium) is a popular attraction as well.

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
M-F, Sat
8am-5pm, 11am-1pm

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: No
Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 2 hours

On Campus Interview

Campus Interviews

Information Sessions
Not Available


Faculty and Coach Visits

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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The SMSU campus features an extensive free shuttle system for use by students and visitors. Springfield is served by a public bus system, as well as by private taxis, a Greyhound station and the Springfield/Branson Regional Airport.

Driving Instructions to Campus
If you are traveling from the St. Louis area exit I-44 at the U.S. 65 south exit and follow it until you reach the Chestnut Expressway exit. Turn right (west) and follow Chestnut until you reach National Avenue. Turn left (south) and follow National until you reach the SMSU campus. If you are traveling from the Kansas City area, follow Missouri Highway 13 (which becomes Kansas Expressway as you reach Springfield) south until you reach Grand Street. Turn left (east) on Grand Street and follow it until you reach the SMSU campus. If you are traveling north or south on U.S. 65, exit at Chestnut Expressway and turn west. Follow Chestnut until you reach National Avenue. Turn left (south) and follow National until you reach the SMSU campus.

Local Accommodations
Springfield has a wide selection of accommodations too numerous to mention here. For a free brochure, call the Springfield Visitors Bureau toll free at 800-678-8767 or visit www.springfieldmo.org.


Applicants: 6,866
Acceptance Rate: 77%
Average HS GPA: 3.57



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