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With its “small town feel” and “absolutely gorgeous” campus, Georgia College and State University offers students the total liberal arts college experience “but without the private school price.” Indeed, a warm and welcoming vibe can be felt all around the grounds and it’s no surprise to undergrads that “everyone really strives to help you succeed and reach your goals, no matter what they are.” Just as important, students are grateful that GCSU provides “abundant opportunities for [both] internships and study abroad.” Within the classroom, undergrads find that their professors are “passionate about the subjects they are teaching.” Moreover, they “always ask for student input and try to be available at whatever time you may need them.” As this highly content undergrad further explains, “I love my professors. They really strive to give you one on one attention. I’ve eaten lunch with several of my professors. I know them on a personal level and they know me by name.” And as her peer succinctly sums up, “Overall, my academic experience here has been incredible so far.”

Student Body

When asked about their fellow students, many undergrads at GCSU quickly described them as “white/Caucasian, usually religious…from [the] Atlanta suburbs [and] well-off [or] comfortable.” Fortunately, there’s far more to these students than race or socio-economic status. Indeed, the majority of undergrads also report that “the typical student is friendly, willing to meet new people, and is most likely in a sorority or fraternity.” Additionally, they are “committed to their education and lead a healthy social life outside of the classroom.” And another pleased undergrad pipes in to share, “The typical student at GC&SU is very kind and always takes the time to be courteous, whether it’s holding the door or simply saying thank you when you show kindness towards them. Students fit in really well. There is always someone you can find to talk to and make you feel welcome no matter the situation.”

Campus Life

Undergrads at Georgia College tend to agree that life at school is, above all else, “busy.” As one student elaborates, “We have a hundred things going on all the time, Greek organizations [host] lots of events people can get involved in, there are community service projects, and events going on on Front campus. For fun we go to the greenway near the school [or] to the river, we volunteer with the local animal rescue, and go to cookouts and things. Sometimes we go to school plays and advertised events.” What’s more, “intramural sports are HUGE here and that’s where you see a lot of school spirit.” Of course, undergrads like to get off campus as well. However, GCSU is “located in a small town, so beside Wal-Mart there isn’t much to see or do here.” Certainly, that doesn’t stop students from “usually go[ing] out (downtown) on Thursday-Saturday nights.” And when undergrads do want a little more action or excitement, they often head “out of town to visit friends in better college towns (Athens/Macon/Atlanta).”

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Applicants: 6,208
Acceptance Rate: 88%
Average HS GPA: 3.58



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