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Duke University is “all about academic excellence complemented by highly competitive Division I sports and an enriching array of extracurricular activities,” making the university “an exciting, challenging, and enjoyable place to be.” Undergraduates choose Duke because they “are passionate about a wide range of things, including academics, sports, community service, research, and fun.” And because the school seems equally committed to accommodating all of those pursuits, as one student puts it, “Duke is for the Ivy League candidate who is a little bit more laid-back about school and overachieving (but just a bit).” There’s an “across-the-board excellence in all departments from humanities to engineering.” In all areas, there’s a “supportive environment in which the faculty, staff, and students are willing to look out for the other person and help them succeed.” It’s the norm to have large study groups, and “the review sessions, peer tutoring system, writing center, and academic support center are always helpful when students are struggling with anything from math homework to creating a résumé.” Professors’ “numberone priority is teaching undergraduates,” and their love of discussion means they “would rather that the students lead the class as opposed to them leading the class.” “There are a few who make me want to stay at Duke forever,” says a student. Because “the school has a lot of confidence in its students,” it offers them “seemingly limitless opportunities.”

Student Body

The student body “is surprisingly ethnically diverse, with a number of students of Asian, African, and Hispanic descent,” and “every type of person finds a welcoming group where he or she fits in.” The typical Duke student “is someone who cares a lot about his or her education but at the same time won’t sacrifice a social life for it.” Life involves “getting a ton of work done first and then finding time to play and have fun.” The typical student here is studious but social, athletic but can never be seen in the gym, job hunting but not worrying, and so on and so forth.” Everyone is “incredibly focused,” but “that includes social success as well.” Students tend to be “focused on graduating and obtaining a lucrative and prosperous career,” and although they “go out two to three times a week,” they’re “always looking polished.” An “overwhelming number” are athletes, “not just varsity athletes...but athletes in high school or generally active people. Duke’s athletic pride attracts this kind of person.”

Campus Life

Life at Duke “is very relaxed,” and “you can either be a part of nothing, or you can be so over-committed that it’s not even funny.” Because “the student union and other organizations provide entertainment all the time, from movies to shows to campus-wide parties,” there’s “a wealth of on-campus opportunities to get involved.” Indeed, weekends are for relaxing, and “people usually stay on campus for fun,” because hometown Durham “has a few quirky streets and squares with restaurants, shops, clubs, etc.” Undergrads’ fervor for Blue Devils sports, on the other hand, can be boundless; sports, “especially basketball, are a huge deal here,” and undergrads “will paint themselves completely blue and wait in line on the sidewalk in K-ville for three days to jump up and down in Cameron Indoor Stadium.” Greek life “plays a big role in the social scene here,” but “almost all the parties are open, so it definitely isn’t hard to get into a party.” A lot of people “just do their own thing—have a movie night, go exploring, go skiing or to the beach for a weekend.” Still, the social scene can be “a little too intense” at times.

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Duke Chapel
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Duke Forest
Levine Science Research Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Duke Homestead
N.C. Museum of Life and Science
Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Ninth Street
Southpointe Mall

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Overnight Dorm Stays

1-night stay; high school seniors. Contact Student Locator Service, 919/6843322


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is 18 miles from campus. Limousines, taxis, and rental cars are available at the airport. Amtrak trains serve Raleigh and Durham. You must make your own arrangements for transportation from there to campus. Greyhound bus service is available to Durham, approximately 3 miles from campus. Taxis are available at the station.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-40 (from Raleigh and the airport), bear right onto Durham Freeway north (NC Rte. 147); continue into Durham and exit at Swift Ave./Duke University-East Campus. Turn left at the top of the ramp; turn right at flashing light (Campus Dr.). Proceed for 1 mile to the admissions office; the driveway is to the right as you approach the traffic circle. From I-85 S., take the exit for 15-501 S. Bypass-Duke University/Chapel Hill; proceed for 2 miles and exit at the sign for NC 751/Duke University. Turn left on Rte. 751 and go 1 mile to the 4th stoplight; turn left onto Duke University Rd. and continue for 1 mile. Turn left onto Chapel Dr. at the stone pillars. At the circle, turn right onto Campus Dr.; the admissions office is the first building on the left. From I-85 N., exit onto Rte. 70 E. at the sign to NC 751/Duke University. Proceed on Rte. 70 for 2 miles to the intersection with Rte. 751; turn right onto Rte. 751 for approximately 4.5 Turn left at the fifth stoplight (Duke University Rd.) and proceed for 1 mile; turn left onto Chapel Dr. at the stone pillars. At the circle, turn right onto Campus Dr.; the admissions office is the first building on the left.

Local Accommodations
The Millennium Hotel-Durham (2800 Campus Walk Ave.; 800-633-5379) and the Durham Hilton (3800 Hillsborough Rd.; 919-383-8033 or 800-445-8667) are a short drive from campus. The inexpensive Brookwood Inn (2306 Elba St.; 919-286-3111 or 800-716-6401) is across the street from the university hospital and has a shuttle to campus. The Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club (3001 Cameron Blvd.; 919-490-0999 or 800-443-3853) is convenient to campus. The inn has a golf course, with tennis and swimming facilities nearby. A complimentary shuttle service is available within the city of Durham.


Applicants: 35,767
Acceptance Rate: 9%



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