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Wright State University’s Raj Soin College of Business offers a “great education for a low price.” In addition to a traditional full-time MBA, Wright state offers cohort MBA programs that meet in the evenings or on the weekends to accommodate the needs of working students. The weekend program is held at three different campuses in the Dayton area to maximize convenience. The majority of students attend part time, and they appreciate that they can get a “great” education without “sacrificing too much of their work life,” and that the school is “very commuter friendly.” Students at other part-time MBA programs often complain about their ability to get into classes, but at Wright State, “picking and choosing classes online is very easy and convenient,” and there are always “many seats available.”

The academic program at Wright State provides an in-depth, multi-disciplinary understanding of business, while emphasizing ethics and sustainability and a global perspective. Some students are required to take foundation courses, though students who took similar classes as undergraduates and did well in them may be exempt. After that, students take eight core courses, such as Analysis of Global Economic Conditions, Leading Teams and Organizations, and Legal and Ethical Decision Making to gain a deeper understanding of business. Students can then choose a concentration in one of seven areas, including Economics, Finance, International Business, and Project Management to further specialize in their fields of interest. Wright University’s study-abroad program is designed for working professionals and part-time students, which is rare. Trips to China and Paris are offered during Spring Break, and students have the opportunity to take classes and meet with international business leaders while learning more about global markets and economic issues.

Classes at Wright State “foster innovation and creativity.” “Lectures and discussions revolve around real-world experiences,” and professors create “safe spaces where students and their point of view is respected.” The workload is “challenging,” but “manageable,” which is another bonus for working students. Most professors are “top-notch” and “passionate” and “provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the real world,” though there are some who “make students wish that tenure was eliminated.” Overall, however, dedicated professors are one of the many aspects of life at Wright State that help students “become well-rounded business professionals.” “This school is on the rise,” one student says, “and is poised to be a leader not only in the country, but the world.”

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