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Professionalism and value are just two of the reasons an MBA degree from The University of Toledo’s College of Business and Innovation are an “immensely valuable” asset. Students can choose to begin the program in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters and proceed at their own pace without any formal declaration of full-time versus parttime; most people choose to work and attend classes at night, but “there is a growing group of younger MBA students who are attending full-time.” The curriculum consists of Foundation Courses (which can be waived prior to enrollment for those who earned a C or better in equivalent undergraduate courses), Core Courses, and a minimum of three electives; these specialized classes are often “only offered at one time per semester” and students do report that they can be difficult to get into. The courses “are all around the same time so there is no leaving and coming back to campus,” and for those with busy schedules or with geographic limitations, there are also opportunities to take classes online or in blended settings.

All professors are “extremely proficient and able to pass that knowledge along to their students,” and “really interested in creating a learning environment for their students.”

According to one student, “they made the decision on what aspect of business to get my degree in very hard. This is due to the fact they are all paragons of their field and make them all seem like a good career.” These individuals take a progressive pedagogical approach and help change the course experience by “encouraging research and using modern technologies,” and many of the MBA classes also “bring in external community leaders to give presentations and help prepare us to be future business leaders.” The school administration similarly “does a great job of communicating with the students about beneficial events and speakers” and works hard “to put students’ priorities first and operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

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Applicants: 175
Acceptance Rate: 95%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.20
Years Work Experience: 5
Average Age: 28



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