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The Orange of Syracuse University love their school and want the world to know it. Those who brave the northern winters are rewarded with a choice of around 200 majors and 100 minors, and “the distinct tracks students can take within each of the professional schools” is one of the university’s greatest strengths. “There is so much to do with your education and it can be as specific or broad as you would like,” says one student. “If you put in the work…it can make a world of a difference to your college experience.” The school does a good job of being cohesive for its size, and “there is a sense of connection between all years of study.” Alumni form an “everlasting network between Syracuse students” and the school has a “big reach” for a relatively tucked away school: “There is somebody from Syracuse everywhere you look.” On top of the alumni, the school provides “ample amounts of resources in regard to finding jobs or applying to graduate programs,” which “makes looking for that next step easy and not so intimidating.”

Professors are “very intelligent and qualified individuals who have a strong base in what they teach,” and are here “as a tool to enhance your knowledge and to help in any way possible.” In general education classes, professors are “attentive and aware that students of varying interests and backgrounds are enrolled in the 101-level class and adjust teaching strategies accordingly.” They are “quick to respond to emails,” and “always open to meeting with you if you need help with anything, academic or personal.” Professors typically “do justice to both sides of various arguments” and classroom discussions don’t feel biased.

Student Body

School spirit “runs rampant” here, and this “energized” group can be found “seeking the fun out of every opportunity thrown at them.” Syracuse is “not as diverse as a city school but still pretty diverse nonetheless,” with most students hailing from the northeast. No matter their background, students “very quickly find a home” whether it’s with a sports team, club, organization, or Greek life, and everyone is active in the community. There is “very little competition” among this “practical student body…that doesn’t take flack or do unnecessary work,” and if there is any divide, it is between the driven students and those just here for a degree. Students “love to party, especially on game days, but also understand that they are here for academics.”

Campus Life

The atmosphere of Syracuse is “always electric, with something going on at all times.” Student life can revolve around athletics, and campus is “the most fun place on the planet when the basketball team is doing well, but could be very dreary if they’re not and the weather is bad.” Students are especially eager to don their orange apparel and “tailgate until the wee hours,” but they “always get studying done first.” Greek life is popular for many students and “once the sun goes down, you will find a lot of the students all gathering at the fraternities and the bars on Marshall street,” though ‘Cuse still offers alternative activities, including the Orange After Dark program, “bowling, shopping, whitewater rafting, day trips to NYC, [and] movie nights” for students who have no interest in parties. The gym is always thumping: “it’s a social thing here.”

As this is Central NY, life takes a little hit when winter comes, and indoor socializing is more prominent. “Floors become close” and “movies and video games” are popular distractions. Syracuse has been quick to respond to student feedback about food, and has renovated to offer more dining options and a more flexible meal plan. That said, students note that off-campus has plenty of dining options at Destiny USA (one of the country’s largest malls) and Armory Square.

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