Guide to Your PSAT Score Report

You just received your PSAT score report, and there are a zillion different scores on this thing!  How did you do, and which scores are most important? Here's what you need to know about the most important parts of your score report.

The first thing to remember is the PSAT isn’t used for  college admissions , but high scores can earn you scholarship dollars, including a  National Merit Scholarship . Additionally, your PSAT scores are a good predictor for how you may score on the SAT, which will be very important for college admissions and scholarships.

PSAT Scores

The Scores that Pack a Punch

The 3 big scores you should look at:

  • Total Score
  • Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Score
  • Math Score

The PSAT is scored on the same rubric, but a slightly different scale, as the real SAT. While the SAT is scored in a range of 400–1600, the PSAT is scored in a range of 320–1520.

National Percentile

The percentile compares you to everyone else who took the PSAT on the test date. A 90th percentile score means you scored equal or higher than 90% of the students who took the PSAT during that particular administration.

Understanding PSAT Scoring

Here's a quick breakdown of what's important about your Big 3 Scores.

 Score What is it? Why it's important
  • Sum of your two section scores 
  • Score range: 320–1520
  • Your total score can help you predict how you may score on the SAT.
  • Use the percentile to see how you rank against other test-takers.
  • High scores and percentiles earn National Merit recognition.
  • 1 of 2 section scores 
  • Score range: 160—760
  • See which section you’re acing and where you might need more prep.
  • Use the percentile to see how you rank against other test-takers.
  • 1 of 2 section scores 
  • Score range: 160—760

For a breakdown of the (many) other scores on your score report, check out Scores You Can Scan.

Using Your PSAT Score Report

The PSAT is all about practice. Use your PSAT score report to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to work on as you prep for the real thing. Are there algebra concepts you need to review? Did you miss picking up points because you ran out of time?

What Could You Score on the SAT?

The PSAT and SAT are scored on slightly different scales, but your TOTAL PSAT score is a direct indicator of your total SAT score. For example, a total PSAT score of 1000 means that, if you took the SAT on the same day, most likely you would have gotten a total SAT score of 1000. Learn more about what are good SAT scores .

PSAT scores you don't have to worry about

PSAT Scores You Don't Need to Worry About

In addition to The Big 3 scores, your PSAT score report has a ton of different numbers and scales. Ignore the actual numerical scores and focus instead on the College Board’s color-coding system. Scan for color—green is good!

Cross-Test Scores and Subscores

Cross-test and Subscores can help you deep-dive into each individual area of the test, but overall the total score and section scores will give you the info you need to move forward.

Score Score Range What it really is
CROSS-TEST SCORES History/Social Science Score 8–38 Tests your reading comprehension NOT your recall of historical dates and events
Science Score 8–38 Can you read charts, tables, and graphs?
SUBSCORES Command of Evidence 1–15 Matching answers on the reading test to specific lines from the passage
Relevant Words in Context 1–15 Matching words from a passage to their definitions
Expression of Ideas 1–15 Can you revise sentences to make them better?
Standard English Conventions 1–15 Grammar and punctuation
Heart of Algebra 1–15 Algebraic expressions, equations, and word problems
Problem Solving and Data Analysis 1–15 Interpretation of mathematical expressions, graphs, and data
Passport to Advanced Mathematics 1–15 Higher-level math questions like functions and quadratic equations

Why You Can Scan Them

Big discrepancies between scores are more important than the scores themselves.

For example, getting green in Heart of Algebra and red in Passport to Advanced Mathematics could show that you need more advanced math practice. Plus, Cross-test Scores account for just a handful of questions across the PSAT.

The PSAT is great practice, but it’s the real SAT (or the ACT) that’s going to impact college admissions.

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Where can your PSAT scores take you?

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Where Can Your Scores Take You?

Now that you’ve got a baseline score (the score you would earn if you showed up for the SAT or ACT today), compare your practice test scores with average scores for the colleges on your wishlist.

Improving your score by even a hundred points on the SAT or even one point on the ACT can significantly boost your chances of admission at many schools. Some schools even give out guaranteed scholarships to students whose scores meet a minimum threshold.

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