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The Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama—Tuscaloosa offers a full-time, campus-based two-year MBA program with focuses in areas such as Business Analytics, Financial Risk, and Cyber-security/Management Information Systems. Undergraduates also consider the STEM Path to the MBA, which allows them to earn an MBA in one year following graduation and “apply…problem solving and critical thinking skills from an engineering degree to the business world.” Each traditional MBA class of 50-60 students follows a lockstep curriculum as a cohort, and with more than 75 years of existence under its belt, “the infrastructure is so developed and the program is established.” That’s not to say it’s static: “Manderson continues to innovate and offer more courses in areas of interest” and “the main areas that have been pivoted and continue to grow [are] consulting, business analytics, real estate, and strategy.”

Faculty here are “a decorated staff ready to teach” that “come from a diverse background to give you a different perspective on your core curriculum” and “are prepared for each class and try not to overcomplicate lectures.” Though the curriculum is fixed, there are many “opportunities beyond the classroom that would amplify…career opportunities,” and professors “give seminars outside of class to the business school, and are very successful and well connected.” The administration is similarly attentive and helpful, and are “a great resource for getting information and reaching your career goals.” Overall, Manderson “provides a stimulating and rigorous academic experience that is beneficial in a multitude of ways.”

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Betsey Voorhees
Director of MBA Recruiting and Admissions

Manderson Graduate School of Business
Box 870223
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Applicants: 724
Acceptance Rate: 31%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.73
Years Work Experience: 0
Average Age: 22



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