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For Nashville-area professionals looking to jump-start their career, Belmont University’s graduate business programs offer a “great value.” The professional MBA for working adults—Belmont’s flagship program—offers a “great classroom-based education that is flexible enough for a working student.” With all classes held at night, most Belmont students are juggling career and studies; fortunately, “educators understand [students’] work/life demands” and “are consistently flexible when [students need] to balance work and life with academics.” Belmont’s core curriculum covers a wide breadth of business areas, including basics like finance, business law, and technology, as well as more innovative topics in entrepreneurship and leadership. Neither highly qualitative nor quantitative, “the program is balanced between verbal, interpersonal, and mathematical reasoning abilities.” Overall, the program is challenging, but “the pace is so fast that sometimes we are not able to cover some subjects in enough detail.” If you do want to delve into details, the MBA offers the “flexibility to customize [your] degree” through areas of concentration in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, business intelligence, healthcare, marketing, or music business. Of particular note, every Belmont student must also participate in an international trip as a requirement of graduation; destinations range from Amsterdam to Beijing to Cape Town.

Working professionals want to learn skills they can apply in the workplace, and Belmont caters to that goal. Here, “the classes are focused on real world topics” and “the learning style is hands-on.” In the classroom, “the program is largely case-based, encouraging students to use critical thinking skills and sharpen interpersonal skills,” and across disciplines, “the professors encourage classroom discussion.” The faculty further promotes Belmont’s practical perspective by bringing their extensive business experience to the classroom. Like the students, most Belmont professors were “working professionals and therefore experts in the field they are teaching.” At this friendly school, faculty members “give great practical advice” and are “truly interested in helping students learn and grow.”

At Belmont, classes are uniformly small, with about twenty students in the average classroom. Students love the mix of big-name resources and intimate atmosphere, saying “Belmont has the feel of a small school with the professors and reputation of a top university.” A student adds, “It is big enough to offer amenities and benefits of a large school, but small enough to still be a tight-knit group.” On this community-oriented campus, “fellow students, the professors, and the school staff seem to sincerely care about me and each other.”

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