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Chris Knuth

If you’re looking for a really high math score, then look no further!

About Chris


Bachelors, Applied Mathematics , University of Central Florida

Bachelors, Business Administration/Management, Orlando Culinary Academy

Subject Specialities:

ACT, AP Calculus AB


Thanks for checking out my profile! I started with The Princeton Review in July of 2004. The first test I became certified in teaching is the SAT test, and then over the years added almost every other test that we offer, the exception being the MCAT. I am a Master Trainer, which means that I help to train new instructors to teach students, and, over the years, have been directly involved in helping tens of thousands of students get where they need to go. I have a stellar track record with both my classes taught and tutorial students: the best compliment I consistently receive is that I not only helped increase scores, but also I made it just a fun experience. I know when I was in high school that I never wanted to study for these tests, so I always keep in mind to be aware of my students and keep it as engaging and as painless as possible.

Though I only started with TPR in 2004, I've actually been teaching or tutoring since I was in 5th grade, way back in 1991. It was one of those "turnaround" days in which the teacher picks the appropriate student to take the reigns for the day. Out of the entire 5th grade, I was actually the only one allowed to teach a new lesson (how to add compound fractions), not just show a movie. My classmates hated it back then, but I was sold at that exact moment. That's when I started tutoring math, and each year that I learned a new math, I would add a new level of math to my tutoring resume.

Through all the years teaching math, the most important thing I've learned is that "approaches are standardized - my students are not." This means to me that I need to cater to my student's individual needs. My students learn from me, but I learn something new from my students every single time. I know 15 different ways to explain every single math question that can be encountered, and my students are the benefit of this. By learning how they learn, I can help them to internalize the material, identify the future instances, and earn the higher scores needed to get to the next step in life. The best reward is when my students overcome the fear of these tests, learn to take control, and consistently destroy the test.

All of these tests share one thing in common: THEY CAN BE BEAT. Do what I say when taking these tests, and I'll give you your future. To change your scores, you MUST change the way you take the tests. Let me show you the BEST ways