What GRE score  do you need to get accepted to grad school? 

Average GRE scores

Before you can set your target score goals, you’ll need to find out the average GRE scores for every program on your list. Why? You’ll want to aim above the average! Setting a target score goal will help you figure out how to focus your GRE prep between now and test day.

Average GRE Scores

The average GRE score is a 150 for Verbal and a 153 for Math (Source: ETS). These averages are based on all tests completed between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2022

At The Princeton Review we are carefully following GRE score updates so we can give you accurate and timely information. The table below represents the most recent average score information released by ETS for 2019-2022. 

SectionAverage Score
Verbal Reasoning 150.94
Quantitative Reasoning 155.44
Analytical Writing 3.56

There is also some variation in terms of average GRE scores depending on your intended graduate field.

Mean GRE Scores By Intended Graduate Major

Intended Graduate MajorVerbal ReasoningQuantitative ReasoningAnalytical Writing
Arts & Humanities 157 151 4.1
Business 152 158 3.7
Education 151 148 3.8
Engineering 151 160 3.5
Life Sciences 151 150 3.8
Physical Sciences 152 161 3.5
Social Sciences 154 153 4.0

How to Use GRE Averages to Set Your Target Score

Want to know if your GRE scores are good enough to get you accepted to graduate school? Follow these three steps.

1. What's your baseline score?

Your baseline score is the score you would receive if you took the GRE today. Take a full-length GRE practice test under the same testing environment as the real thing. Your results will help you determine where you stand before you start your prep.

2. Set your score goals.

Compare your practice test score against the average GRE scores of the most recent incoming class to each program you are considering. You can find this information on the school website or in our grad and business school profiles . Your target score is one that would put you at or above the average for the programs on your wishlist.

3. Make a plan to close the gap

Whether you choose a GRE prep course , online program , or a test prep book you need a smart prep plan that will help you bridge the gap between the score you have and the score you need. With a little research, you’ll find the right environment for you.

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