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Picking up somewhere right where the Wright brothers left off, an Aviation major will cover almost every aspect of flying, including the business and economics behind the Aviation industry. This major is about more than just flying (although you do that, too) since Aviation is an entire industry in its own right. That means that there is a high demand for Aviation specialists, for people who understand the logistics behind flying a plane from Point A to Point B, including federal regulations, management skills, and the physical happenings that allow an aircraft to defy gravity.

Cool leather bomber jackets, sunglasses, and a copy of Top Gun probably won’t be passed out during your first day of classes as an Aviation major, so you better come prepared with a your own.


  • Air Transportation Analysis

  • Airline Marketing

  • Airport Management

  • Aviation Communication

  • Aviation Law

  • Aviation Management

  • Calculus

  • Computer Science

  • Engineering Graphics

  • Geography of Transportation

  • National Aviation System

  • Physics

  • Principles of Macroeconomics

  • Private Pilot Fundamentals


Consider brushing up on those math and science courses, particularly physics, geometry, and calculus. In addition, having good communication skills is a must, so make sure you know how to read and write very well.