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Paying for College
Resource Center

Every year, the price of education gets
higher, often increasing at a faster
pace than the overall inflation rate.
This site seeks to inform students,
parents and families about the many
options to make college affordable.

Table of Contents


Financial Aid. FAFSA, SAI
& Financial Aid Letter


Grants. Scholarships
and Student Loans


Private Loans to
Pay for College


Advice for Parents: How
to Pay Less for College

Financial Aid.
Financial Aid Letter

How Much Will College
Actually Cost?

While a large percentage of college students qualify for some form of aid, The bottom line is that you won't know what your financial obligation will be until after you:

Bottom line: a financial aid award, your ultimate, out–of–pocket costs may dramatically decrease from the original sticker price.

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Reviewing Updates to the FAFSA screenshot

College Financial Aid Explained

Biggest Myths

Biggest Myths About Financial Aid

Understanding financial aid

Understanding Financial
Aid Award Letters

What you dont know

What You Don’t Know About
Financial Aid Could Cost You

Reviewing updates

Reviewing Updates to the FAFSA

Grants. Scholarships
and Student Loans

Grants can come from the state, government or the college you are attending, and do not require repayment. Scholarships also don't have to be repaid. Student loans are borrowed funds that must be repaid with interest after graduation.

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finding grants

Finding Grants and Scholarships for College

College scholarships

College Scholarships and Financial Aid

Cost of attendance

Cost of Attendance: Paying Less for College

Private Loans to Pay for College

Private loans for students and parents are offered by private lenders to help cover college expenses. Private loans for college may allow you to borrow up to the total cost of attendance.

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Navigating college costs

Navigating College Costs

Financial aid secrets

Financial Aid Secrets

Advice for Parents: How to Pay Less for College

Parents can benefit from expert advice on financial aid, understanding college costs, and discovering colleges that offer the best value.

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Creative ways to save money

Creative Ways to
Save Money on College

Best value colleges

Best Value Colleges