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The University of South Florida—St. Petersburg offers one of the country’s top online MBA programs that’s “designed to be flexible for the business professional” at an “affordable price.” USF is smartly organized, allowing students to “work completely at their own pace.” Still, the school “does a great job keeping everyone on track by requiring weekly tasks to be completed.” And students also have access to “a great amount of support” and “a wide variety of concentrations” while earning their degree.

With all of that said, it’s no surprise that students here hold the USF faculty in high regard. One individual shares, “The professors are accessible, responsible, and always patient to answer your questions.” They’re also willing to go the extra mile, with “some even sacrificing their weekends to offer an online workshop before exams.” Additionally, instructors “make every effort to keep classes relevant with current events and developments in the business world.” To keep things interesting, they’re also known to share “personal … stories and experiences from their careers.” All of this helps to explain why one student declares that the “quality and commitment of instructors is second to none.”

Importantly, USF MBAs report that the program is “excellent in its use of technology.” Programs like Canvas are “easy to navigate,” and students find that “the online discussion is very active” and filled with “peers from different industries with different points of views.”

Moreover, many students stress that the “system is easy to access and use” and they note that you can conveniently “log in from wherever an internet connection is available.” Plus, there’s no need to worry if you’re hesitant when it comes to technology. One student assures us that the “administrator offered very specific instructions [on] how to use the system before we get on board. All you need to do is read it, follow it, and practice a little bit.”

Perhaps best of all, students report that their classmates are “inquisitive,” “helpful,” and “intelligent individuals who challenge each other to think differently.” USF MBAs also greatly value that their peers are “diverse in terms of age, career goals, prior career experience, ethnicity, and country or origin.” In turn, this allows for a “very dynamic and engaging … experience.”

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