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Located in Boston, Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School offers a conventional MBA; specialized MBA programs in health administration and nonprofit management; a Global MBA with a focus on international finance; “an Executive MBA program where everyone in the class has more than ten years of real world experience”; as well as a “combination JD/MBA program.” The school is known for its “quality program,” “great reputation,” “amazing location,” and for providing the “best opportunity for the cost.” It is ideal for working students who appreciate the “flexible schedule” that allows them to work fulltime, go to school fulltime, and still “be done in two years.”

The school boasts a “good mix of career academics and professors who have practical experience in the corporate world.” Overall, “professors are very knowledgeable and create positive learning environments.” The faculty “has very real knowledge of the subjects they teach” and “typically have very good networks.”

Professors are “very current with the changes in the business world and are very informative.” Courses center “around teamwork and case analysis,” which “contribute to the real working environment.” And “the diverse student population contributes towards classroom discussions.” The diverse “age groups and work experiences that are shared provide excellent insight into the business topic discussed,” notes a student from the Class of 2015. “It makes the material come alive as we share our experiences with what we are learning,” says another. “Small class size is a big plus,” and the “professors and administration are amazing.” Professors are “accessible” and “helpful,” and students feel they “can go to them with anything and be treated respectfully.”

Students praise the specialized programs and global MBA, saying “the international business aspects in the classroom, the ability to travel to other countries as a grad student, and the diversity of the student body” greatly enhance their overall education. Students praise “how well integrated the global and international aspect is incorporated into the program.” In short, Sawyer is a great fit for students looking for an affordable, high-quality education, in a diverse environment, with a focus on global business.

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Heather O'Leary
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Applicants: 160
Acceptance Rate: 82%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.12
Average Age: 28



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