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One of the things that really sets the New Jersey Institute of Technology, or NJIT, apart from other schools is its emphasis on understanding how technology and science intersect within the business sector. The school promotes the notion that business is not a “separate entity” from technology and that the two are more intertwined than ever. A great number of students say they chose to attend NJIT for their MBA so that they, having received a degree in an area such as Technology Management, could be “unique” among their colleagues in the business sector. The school also boasts an impressive Executive MBA, or EMBA, program and most classes take place on weekends or Fridays allowing the “flexibility [they] require to work and obtain an MBA at the same time.” The EMBA takes it’s philosophy of “relevance, practicality, and innovation” to heart and this “the curriculum is geared towards the job market.” The program focuses on knowledge that can be directly applied in the workplace, which many of the students find not only helpful, but also “very interesting.” This focus on practical knowledge is refreshing, and most students say that it’s a “more valuable emphasis” than if the school were only “focused on finance” or other areas of a similar ilk. There are also online courses, in addition to weekend courses, for those that may still have trouble getting to and from each class.

The school has also built up quite a “strong reputation in the Northeast region.” With its AACSB accreditation for both its graduate and undergraduate programs, and the fact that the MBA program costs “considerably less than other programs” of its kind, it is no wonder that so many students are singing its praise.

The classes at the NJIT School of Management tend to be “very small,” which is fine for most students as they find the faculty to be “excellent.” The school has thirty faculty members and approximately 700 students. While there are, of course, issues with the occasional professor, such as prolonged responses “to emails or requests for office hours,” most of the professors are said to be “very accessible and willing to help,” and they come to the classroom with “good field experience [from] corporate America.”

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