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The MIT Sloan MBA Program has “both the best entrepreneurial program of any business school in the world and the most fantastic technology available,” students insist. And that’s hardly all the school offers; on the contrary, students tell us that MIT Sloan is “the best all-around program in allowing students to learn about innovative endeavors while still teaching and offering the most academically challenging traditional MBA curriculum of all schools.”

MIT expertly exploits the synergies of its location in a great city and its affiliation with a great university. Students brag about “Sloan’s ties to the real business world. In the last week alone, I listened to three Fortune 500 CEOs speak on campus and had dinner with a partner from a local VC firm and a partner from a local law firm. Many of the professors have incredibly deep experience and connections to industry and bring great insight along those dimensions.” They are especially impressed with “how connected MIT Sloan is with companies in a non-recruiting season,” which they justly see as “a real point of differentiation” for the program. MIT’s Herculean status in the worlds of math, engineering, and science contribute substantially to the MBA program. “There are very low barriers between schools; interdisciplinary work and entrepreneurship are actively encouraged between business and engineering,” one student writes. MIT’s many strengths make possible such programs as the Leaders for Global Operations Program—”an operations and logistics-focused program” that students call “the best dual-degree program in business and engineering in the country.”

Throughout the program, MIT Sloan emphasizes “a strong hands-on approach to learning” and cooperative work. “At MIT Sloan, practically everything is done in teams,” students tell us. The workload “is what you expect of MIT: rigorous and quantitative.” Most don’t mind the challenge; as one explains, “Although the workload is heavy, people actually want to prepare just for the opportunity to participate in discussions in where faculty are posing questions to the most pressing business issues. A place like MIT Sloan is a reason why people want to continue their education.” The cherry on the sundae is global travel; “everyone travels on trips or treks, both foreign and domestic. I am headed to Japan for ten days with 200 of my classmates. These are student-planned trips that are excellent ways to get to see other cultures and get business exposure around the world.”

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